The castle is the symbol of Trezzo sull'Adda.

Rising up on a headland surrounded by the river,  a strategical position already seen by the Longobards centuries before the castle has become over the centuries, a theatre of history, being able to count upon the best possible actors.  Amongst these Frederick I, alias Barbarossa who built his fortress here in the XII century.  A first class complex in the medieval chess board of North Italy, so much so, it was the starting point for many of the gory German expeditions in the territory, and point of return for the soldiers and spoils, thus transforming Trezzo into the Emperor's safe.  It became a thorn in the side for Milan, pushed by imperial aims, the expedition razed the city to the ground also left from here.  Legend says that Barbarossa's treasure is still in the castle.  In the following two centuries actors and script changed: now the scene for the wars of factions, action between the Guelphs and the Ghibellines, up until the battles between Torriani and Visconti for the control of Milan.

 Between 1370 and 1377 the new castle ordered by Bernabò Visconti, Lord of Milan, was built on the remains of Barbarossa's fortress.  It was a military stronghold and noble residence together, of which we can still see the dungeons, the tower and one side of the daringly built bridge, which crossed the river with a single arch.

 Bernabò Visconti died here 19th December 1385, he had been made prisoner and was poisoned, according to legend, with a plate of beans ordered by his nephew Gian Galeazzo who longed for power.

During a siege in 1416, the bridge which linked the castle to the Bergamo riverbank was destroyed by the commander Carmagnola: the remains of the bridge can still be seen today on the Milan side.

The square tower, 42metres tall, which dominates the remains of the castle, at the time permitted the control of the surrounding territory and so it is today, following recent restoration work, the visitor can admire one of the most suggestive views of Lombardy, from the plain to the pre-alps, from Milan to the hills of Bergamo, while the town of Trezzo stretches out at its feet.  The historical centre still conserves  a few ruins of medieval fortifications and bunkers of the castle (Mazzi Tower, Saint Mary gate, Rocca and Colombara farmhouses)

 Centuries of progress signal the ruin of the castle, relegated to the level of barracks already from the 1500's by the Spaniards until the time of the Napoleonic army.    

 Aerial view of the Castle at Trezzo The secret photos of Katia Celestini  Castle at Trezzo Aerial view of the Castle at Trezzo

Veduta aerea del castello di Trezzo
Le segrete foto Katia Celestini
Castello di Trezzo
Veduta aerea del castello di Trezzo

Tourist Information


Guided tours are only organised on Sundays and holidays – from March until the first weekend in October, coinciding with the Town festival.

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 The tour includes the Longobard tomb, bridge, dungeons, court, visit to top of the tower.

 Length: 1hr 30mins

 Ticket office at the tower entrance